A Made In France set of expertise

Since the group was set up in 1962, it has combined worldwide development with staying loyal to its regional roots, all the while relying on its unique set of expertise.

With a commercial presence in 130 countries, the group is managed from Castres and Lavaur in Tarn, conducts its research mainly in the Occitanie region, and carries out over 90% of its industrial production in France.

Drawing inspiration from nature

Pierre Fabre, the company founder, was passionate about plants and convinced of the unlimited potential of nature. It is the legacy of this passion that still drives the group's botanists and researchers: each year they develop up to five new active ingredients of natural origin. It is also this legacy that led the company to implement a strict, certified process called Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre (BEPF) to extract innovative and safe active ingredients while preserving nature and respecting suppliers.

This plant cultivation and this desire to preserve the environment led the group to prioritize local supply circuits insofar as possible, including cultivation of its own organic fields in the Tarn near its extraction unit and the manufacturing plant for its dermo-cosmetic products.

Mastering the subtle art of formulation

Pierre Fabre formulators innovate daily by developing ever more original formulas and textures. They strive to create a homogeneous, stable formulation that provides a more pleasurable consumer experience. Various types of formulations are thus created: emulsions, foams, lotions, sticks, powders, soaps, oils, etc.

Instilling pharmaceutical rigor in everything we do

A culture of proof, attention to detail and observing consumer safety requirements form the foundations of the group's “quality culture.” Pharmaceutical rigor, which guarantees the quality and safety of drugs, is applied in the same way to the development and manufacturing of dermo-cosmetic products, medical devices and food supplements.

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