logo-aderma-p404q.jpgDermatological oats for fragile skin


At the heart of A-DERMA is a unique, exclusive active ingredient called Rhealba® Oat. A gentle touch for the skin, naturally effective and completely safe in the care of fragile and and delicate skin.
Our dermatological know-how and experience have led us to formulate safe and effective products that earn us both the trust of healthcare professionals and the recognition of users.
Our guiding principle: to provide real, authentic solutions with products that are both effective and gentle for the skin and the environment.



Products derived from plant-based dermatology

Treating fragile skin

Relieve, soften and restore the integrity of atopic and very dry skin

Repair, cleanse and care for daily scratches, large and small

Regenerate to remove persistent marks The go-to product in your bathroom cabinet for dermatological after-care

Preserve the balance of fragile skin

Clean, hydrate and soften fragile and delicate skin with the essential products of daily life

Neutralize redness

Remove fragile and delicate skin

Hydrate and protect skin daily, with or without a UV index  

Protect and hydrate babies' fragile skin


The history of A-DERMA

  • 1982: Birth of plant-based dermatology. First launch, first success, Dermatological Oat Milk Bread becomes a real pioneer of hygiene-care. The A-DERMA brand is created and plant-based dermatology is born.
  • 1993: Creation of two signature products, Epitheliale and Dermalibour, to repair and regenerate small dermatalogical disorders.
  • 1994: Research by A-DERMA and the most renowned international specialists into atopic eczema results in Exomega. Today an Exomega product is sold every 8 seconds in the world.
  • 1998: Discovery of Rhealba® Oat, a dermatologically active oat that is a pioneer of plant-based dermatology and developed by Pierre Fabre Botanical Expertise.
  • 2009: Discovery of the benefits of Rhealba® Oat seedlings. After almost 30 years of research, A-DERMA researchers point their microscopes to the young, 12-week-old seedlings that contain the maximum concentration of anti-inflammatory and immunoregulatory active ingredients.
  • 2012: Birth of Sterile Cosmetics. A new challenge and new innovation for A-DERMA, to propose sterile emollients with no preservatives to care for the most fragile skin, atopic skin. This is a world first. A sterile formula and hermetic closing system are the marks of the Exomega D.E.F.I. range. Each press produces the equivalent of a single sterile dose.
  • 2013: Opening of Terre d'Avoine, the location represntative of A-DERMA and Rhealba® Oat.

Treating and preserving fragile skin

Since the beginning, A-DERMA has taken an interest in treating and preserving the balance of all types of fragile skin that require particular care, with the aim of strengthening their natural protective properties and limiting the aggression they may face.

A formulation charter for fragile skin


All A-DERMA products are formulated with a minimum of ingredients. No essential oils, no coloring agents, no alcohol. And of course, whenever possible or necessary, no scents or parabens

This rigorous formulation charter does not remove any of the pleasure of using the products. The gentleness of A-DERMA packaging and the smoothness of the textures (plenty of oils, emollients, very soft to the touch) make care and hygiene-care a real moment of pleasure.   

Partnerships with healthcare professionals


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Recognized by healthcare professionals in treating atopic and irritated skin, we are very proud of our exclusive 20-year partnership with the European Task Force on Atopic Dermatitis (an international group of atopic dermatitis specialists).

As a founding member, we have continuously supported the work of the Foundation for Atopic Dermatitis, which aims to improve the treatment of patients.