Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre

A certified process for the responsible development of plant-based active ingredients



Since its creation, Pierre Fabre Laboratories has explored and used plants, convinced of their benefits for health and beauty. To counter the decrease of plant resources and help preserve them while achieving our objectives in terms of innovation, plant-based active substance quality and secure supply, we have set up a specific process called Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre. This involves the development of plant-based active ingredients, from research on plants and their cultivation to the formulation and production of active ingredients derived from these plants.



Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre is a certified process for the responsible development of innovative, safe and effective plant-based active ingredients. Of the 410 plant extracts we use, nearly 280 are included in the Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre process, representing 68% of all extracts, including those used to develop our main products (Navelbine, Permixon, and A-Derma, Klorane and Naturactive products).

An approach recognized by a European label


The Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre process is part of a virtuous circle that aims to develop innovation, preserve biodiversity and guarantee the efficacy and quality of our plant-based active ingredients while respecting our partners each step of the way. Since 2010, our approach has been recognized by the European label EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) awarded by the French group AFNOR (French international standardization network). The label combines the themes of Quality and Sustainable Development.

A process based on four founding principles




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Cutting-edge research on plants, bringing together the complementary expertise of botanists, agronomists, biologists and pharmacists who are passionate about the benefits of the plant world.





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Scientifically proven effectiveness of our plant-based active ingredients, combined with high standards of quality and safety resulting from our pharmaceutical background.



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Sustainable preservation of botanical heritage and biodiversity, both sources of benefits – whether known or yet to be discovered – for everyone’s health and beauty.




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An approach that respects our partners - farmers, growers and suppliers - and contributes to the sustainable development of our sourcing regions and their local communities.