A company owned by its employees and by a Foundation in a way that protects our business against surprise speculation: this is my goal to ensure its continuity.

Mr. Pierre Fabre

The Pierre Fabre company’s main shareholder is a government-recognized public-interest foundation (by decree dated 6 April 1999): the Pierre Fabre Foundation.

In 2008, Mr. Pierre Fabre had already donated the majority of his stake in the company to the Foundation. He completed this donation by making the latter his sole legatee.  

The Foundation now holds 86% of the shares in Pierre Fabre SA, through the Group’s controlling company Pierre Fabre Participations (PFP).

8,5% of the remaining shares are held by Pierre Fabre employees (through the employee stock ownership plan set up in 2005) and 5,5% is held as treasury stock (shares held by the company itself).

The Foundation, a majority shareholder


The Pierre Fabre Foundation is a government-recognized public-interest organization whose mission is to improve access to quality medication and care in the least developed and developing countries. Its programs focus on two main areas:

  • The training of pharmacists and other health professionals.
  • The fight against sickle-cell disease, a serious genetic illness that mainly affects the African continent.
  • Acces to quality health care
  • Tropical dermatology

Since its creation in 1999, the Foundation has mainly been involved in Africa and Asia, in the following countries: Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Madagascar, Senegal, Mali, Benin, Guinea and Togo.

The Foundation is chaired by Mr. Pierre-Yves Revol. Its Board of Directors is comprised of 14 members, 2 of whom are representatives of the French State. Their role is to ensure that the Foundation pursue the mission for which it is recognized as a public-interest organization.

Discover the Pierre Fabre Foundation


9 out of 10 employees are shareholders

Launched in France in 2005, the employee stock ownership plan has been opened to employees of our 9 main European subsidiaries since 2008. The total scope covered by the plan thus encompasses over 85% of total staff. Currently, 85,3% of employees able to benefit from the plan are shareholders. They hold 8,5% of the company's shares (2018 figures).

The plan constitutes a major element of the way in which our capital is organized. It also contributes towards the development of a new corporate culture, in which each employee is even more closely associated with the life and growth of the company. Financial information is shared with employees on a regular basis, and training programs related to the economics of the company are proposed. This plan also allows employees to increase their savings: any payments made by an employee can be supplemented by the company in accordance with a matching mechanism.

The management of the employee stock ownership plan is carried out by a supervisory board, which is composed of 6 members representing shareholders and 6 members representing the company. Its chairman, by law a representative of the employee shareholders, sits on the Supervisory Board of Pierre Fabre SA.

In 2012, the French Federation of Employee Shareholding honored Pierre Fabre Laboratories with three of their six annual awards for excellence in the area of employee stock ownership: Grand Prix de l'actionnariat‐salarié des sociétés non cotées (employee shareholding for unlisted companies), Grand Prix de la qualité de l'information et de la formation des actionnaires‐salariés (information quality and training for employee shareholders), Grand Prix des Présidents d'associations (special Grand Prix granted by the employee shareholding association Presidents).

In 2016, Pierre Fabre Laboratories received the jury’s “Coup de Cœur” Award of the Grand Prix de l'Actionnariat Salarié.