Conservation and preservation

Plant preservation

Nature offers us a wonderful field of exploration and it is a treasure to be preserved: approximately 40% of our turnover today comes from plant-based resources. More than 210 plant species are used in the group’s products, nearly 11,000 plant species and close to 20,000 plant samples are studied in research programs, and nearly 1,200 are represented at our Botanical Conservatory. Preservation of botanical heritage is a major aspect of the Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre approach. 


Klorane Botanical Foundation

As the company’s foundation for the protection and use of plant heritage, Klorane Botanical Foundation has put in place preservation and conservation projects.


Conservatories and gardens


We take part in the preservation and protection of plants. The Pierre Fabre Botanical Conservatory at Soual (Tarn, France) and the Ranopiso Arboretum in Madagascar are examples of this.

Sites and biodiversity


In 2012, an inventory of flora and insects was also made at the Pierre Fabre Research Center at the Toulouse (Haute-Garonne, France) Oncopole. Since 2013, we have participated as voluntary farmers in the wild pollinator observation protocol for the Observatoire Agricole de la Biodiversité (OAB - Biodiversity Agricultural Observatory) at our Soual, Gaillac and Terre d’Avoine sites (Tarn, France). Furthermore, we have carried out biodiversity diagnoses at the Gaillac and Avène (Hérault, France) sites.