Consumer Health Care

Pierre Fabre Consumer Health Care

Pierre Fabre Consumer Health Care provides pharmacists, health care professionals and patients with a large range of prescription and OTC drugs for day-to-day, general health care. Our range covers three main fields:

  • family health via Pierre Fabre Health Care's brands
  • oral care via Pierre Fabre Oral Care's brands
  • natural health care via the Naturactive brand

Our products are aimed at day-to-day health and hygiene and the prevention and treatment of mild ailments and addictive behaviors. In collaboration with health professionnals, we want to help everyone achieve a better life quality and accompany the aging process.

The specialist on daily health care

Pierre Fabre Health Care


Sore throats, flu, wound care, allergies, nicotine addiction, etc. To prevent, relieve or cure more or less disabling day-to-day illnesses, Pierre Fabre Health care offers solutions in a dozen therapeutic fields.

Our work is aimed at providing relevant and innovative solutions to these problems, together with all the parties involved (doctors, pharmacists, health-care workers and patients).

Pierre Fabre Oral Care


In response to the expectations of specialists in oral health (dental surgeons, orthodontists, periodontologists), Pierre Fabre Oral Care offers complete oral/dental hygiene and health management, covering all the requirements in the field of oral care (from hygiene to medication). Pierre Fabre has thus become a first-class laboratory in oral/dental health and the current leader in the French pharmacist distribution channel.



The Naturactive brand offers the largest range of products based on active substances of natural origin in the drug and health care market. Phytotherapy forms the basis of its activities, with more than 70 plant extract references. Aromatherapy is also part of its portfolio, taking the form of individual essential oils and their many combinations. Other fields of expertise are skin nutrients and health nutrition.