CSR management

Corporate Social Responsability (CSR) organization

The Ethics and Sustainable Development Department is tasked with directing and incorporating the corporate social responsibility program at every level of the company and in all its business activities in France and abroad. The department obtains approval for the strategy to deploy and the strategic priorities from our company's Board of Directors.

It is supported by a CSR steering committee that represents all the company's professions and activities, as well as by a network of ethics agents at the international subsidiaries and an HSE network (Health, Safety, Environment) at the plants and research centers.

AFAQ (French Quality Assurance Organization) 26000 evaluation

In 2012, Pierre Fabre Laboratories was the first pharmaceutical laboratory and the first company with over 10,000 employees to be certified AFAQ 26000. AFAQ 26000 is a voluntary evaluation procedure developed by AFNOR (French international standardization network) Certification, which allows organizations to measure their level of maturity and performance in terms of social responsibility.

AFAQ 26000 is based on the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 26000 standard, the first and only international Corporate Social Responsability (CSR) standard. At the first assessment Pierre Fabre Laboratories achieved a score of 624 out of 1,000 thereby qualifying it for the Confirmed level, the third highest level of the four in the evaluation.

In 2015, and at the end of its second assessment, the company reached the level "exemplary", which is the highest level of evaluation, with unparalleled score to date of 805 points in 1000.

At the conclusion of their report, the AFNOR Certification evaluators summarized our CSR approach: The level of maturity reached by Pierre Fabre is the result of the values driven by its founder and gait since he initiated the creation of the society. A policy pursued by the new leadership that is based on the conviction of a necessarily sustainable development, reconciling long-term vision and immediate response to the economic requirements inherent in any business. Greeted by their stakeholders, Pierre Fabre Laboratories, international human-sized company, continue to cultivate their specificity. Local roots, botanical expertise, culture of excellence, innovation and human development. These are the company’s key factors of success.

Through this evaluation conducted by an independent organization and the obtained results, recognition was given to the efforts made since the company's creation and the founder's desire to become a point of reference.