The brand Darrow Dermocosméticos has been operating on the Brazilian market for over 50 years and boasts recognized expertise in the field of hygiene products. For the last three years, the brand has been expanding its ranges with everyday care products such as body moisturizers and sun screens which are all specially developed to suit the climate and skin types in Brazil.

Darrow Dermocosméticos offers hygiene and care products that are suitable for the widest range of skin types: oily and acne-prone skin or sensitive and dry skin. The brand also has its own line of therapeutic shampoos, carefully formulated to treat the scalp without damaging the hair.

Darrow Dermocosméticos is recognized by dermatologists as being a brand that offers effective products which are pleasant to use and accessible for consumers.



History of the brand

  • 1940-1950 

Création des Laboratoires Laboran, précurseurs de la marque Darrow.

Les premiers produits commercialisés sont des vitamines, une véritable première au Brésil : Pluvitamina, Orovitamina, Beiod, Lipositol, Plenocal, etc.

  • 1950-1960

Lancement précurseur au Brésil : Vitamine C

Médicaments innovants pour traiter la tuberculose au Brésil

  • 1970-1980 

Development of a line of professional antiseptic products targeting hospitals

Launch of a revolutionary product: Povidine

Entry into the field of dermatology  

  • 1990’s

Following the success of its dermatological lines, Darrow sold them to another dermatological laboratory in 1998, after which the brand took a new heading: oncology.

The year 2001 marked a new era for Darrow, with the inauguration of its new plant. 

The brand again renewed its interest in dermatology in 2003 when it started to build new strong high-tolerance lines in this field. In 2006, Darrow Laboratories became part of Pierre Fabre Laboratories. 

  • 2000’s

In 2001, the Darrow brand advances even further with the inauguration of it’s new plant.

In 2003, relaunch of the Dermatological Line restarting the construction of large brands with strong acceptance in the segment. The brand again renewed it’s interest in dermatology in 2003 when it started to build new strong high-tolerance lines in this field.

In 2006, Darrow Laboratories became part of Pierre Fabre Laboratories. 

A new millenium

The brand has five skin care ranges to meet the needs of different skin types

  • Actine (oily and acne-prone skin)

  • SkinSec (dry skin)
  • Soapelle (antiseptic) 
  • Suavié (sensitive skin)

Therapeutic shampoos

  • Doctar (anti-dandruff shampoo with intensive action)
  • Klinse (anti-dandruff shampoo with mild to moderate action)
  • Klinse N (neutral shampoo for frequent use)


With a new visual identity the brand has recently been expanding it’s ranges

  • with everyday skin care products to accompany the bestseller Actine cleansing gel and bar,
  • for oily and acneic skin and the antiseptic Soapelle cleansing gel and bar,
  • introducing to the market new products such as the SkinSec Moisturizing Body Lotion, a daily moisturizer for the whole family, which was specially developed for Brazilian skin types
  • and Skinsec cleansing gel and bar.

In addition, Actine has updated its range of complementary care products with Actine Exfoliating Facial, ideal for additional cleansing for oily and acne-prone skin and Actine Astringent Lotion.

The brand has now also broken into the Brazilian market’s largest dermocosmetics segment: sunscreens, with Actine Sunscreen SPF 30, with a texture that is ideal for oily skin.

To complement the brand have therapeutic shampoos anti-dandruff, Klinse and Doctar for mild or intense action, respective and a neutral Klinse N for daily use.

In 2017 the brand have innovated even more launching Actine Control cleansing gel and bar, ideal to control the excessive oil from oily skins and Actine Trat, a treatment for skins with acne, that helps to reduce the appearance of blemishes and acne inflammation and regulate oil production.