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Ducray "You live, we care "

Ducray, a trusted brand

More than 85 years of useful innovation to best support the management of dermatological disorders of the skin and hair.

Our DUCRAY INNOVATION approach respects scientific ethics and the pharmaceutical culture.

Curiosity, observation and critical thinking play an active part in our DUCRAY USEFUL INNOVATION strategy.

At DUCRAY, we FOLLOW SCIENTIFIC PROGRESS CLOSELY alongside INTERNATIONAL EXPERTS in our fields of specialization: hair and skin care, therapeutic education and knowledge of the specific characteristics and needs of each phototype.

At DUCRAY, we focus on PATIENT BENEFITS, drawing on research backed by our medical, marketing and R&D expertise.

At DUCRAY, we TRANSFER INNOVATIONS TO MARKET, with clinical studies, publications and contributions at international dermatological symposiums and congresses.

At DUCRAY, we collaborate with health professionals to BETTER MEET THEIR EVERYDAY NEEDS.

Ducray, daily life-changing care

DUCRAY dermatological laboratories now offer dermatological treatments around a double expertise: the management of dermatological disorders of the skin and hair (and the scalp)

Expertise Skin care


Dry skin

Very dry skin or Irritated


Very dry and atopic prone skin


Irritated and scaly skin


Dry and rough skin


Cradle cap in infants


Acne-prone skin


Brown spots and Photo-aging


Itching sensations


Expertise Soins des cheveux


Hairloss and food complement


Simples dandruff conditions


Severe dandruff conditions


Cradle cap in infants


Sensitive scalp-itching sensations


Normal and delicate hair


Oily hair


Dry hair

DUCRAY precision

Our DNA, our trademark

Thanks to continual scientific intelligence in collaboration with all Pierre Fabre research teams and in partnership with specialists, Ducray Dermatological Laboratories seek the most suitable solution to a given hair or skin need.

The Ducray brand is the driving force behind dermatological boards, which bring together the top opinion leaders in their field: Specialists who support us and guide us throughout the innovation process.

Scientific precision with a dermatological focus

If we are able to achieve such high levels of precision, it is because we work closely with the leading opinion leaders in dermatology. DUCRAY enjoys partnerships with 17 permanent dermatologists and 2 bacteriology specialists located throughout Europe (Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland), all experts in their field.

Our team keeps abreast of the very latest international scientific progress, the everyday needs of health professionals and the problems encountered in dermatological practice.
Together we work to find the right solutions, pursuing avenues of research not always previously explored.

Our innovation policy

We perfect our solutions through sharing experiences and adopting a strict innovation policy, which includes:

Rigorous selection of best-performing actives:
11 patents, active ingredients inspired by medicine and herbalism.

Our reference active substances include:

  • azeliac acid (Melascreen), 
  • ciclopiroxolamine-zinc pyrithione (Squanorm),
  • kertyol® (Kertyol P.S.O),
  • iron sulfate (Anacaps)

as well as other original active substances from Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre:

  • hydroxydecine (Ictyane HD),
  • saw palmetto (Sabal, Squanorm),
  • ruscus (Anaphase), 
  • myrtacine (Keracnyl)

…and other innovative substances:

  • tetrapeptide (Neoptide),
  • trehalose (Ictyane)

Innovative, pleasurable formulations that make everyday use easier 

Pharmacy, the science of formulating care products, which we master thanks to the pharmaceutical culture of the Pierre Fabre Laboratories, enables us to optimize our formulations and products.

Ducray Dermatological Laboratories also pay special attention to ensuring optimal ease of use. Since cosmetic pleasure is at the heart of our priorities, we have acquired real formulation knowledge over time, which can be seen in the pleasant textures and emblematic aromas of many of Ducray products (Extra-doux, Ictyane).

Claims substantiated by solid clinical research:
30 publications in scientific journals since 1996.

At DUCRAY, we encourage contributions to innovation, sharing experiences, knowledge and skills fueled by curiosity, observation and a critical mind.

We have created specialized working groups, of which there are currently 4 (Hair, Acne, Therapeutic Education and Africa - Phototypes V and VI).

Social and societal precision, targeting the climate

In addition to providing increasingly precise solutions, we are becoming more active internationally. We contribute to projects involving organizations that share our desire to make your everyday life easier, wherever you are in the world.
In 2009, we began our commitment to safeguarding the environment with our 100% eco-designed Extra-Gentle shampoo(1). Since 2015, we have continued down this path in partnership with GERES (Group for the Environment, Renewable Energy and Solidarity)(2), to strengthen our climate commitment.

(1) off-label liquid shampoo market leader in France.
(2) GERES is an international solidarity NGO created in 1976 recognized and supported by many public institutions (EU, French Development Agency, FGEF, etc.). It counts 200 members in 12 countries. It has devoted more than 40 years to energy management, reducing CO2 emissions in the north and supporting the Coordination SUD climate change and development project.

Our environmental commitments

VOLUNTARY action to reduce our global CO2 emissions

  • 100% eco-designed : Extra-gentle shampoo
  • 86% of treatment shampoos are biodegradable
  • 70% of our raw materials come from Europe

COLLABORATIVE action to offset CO2 emissions

We have contributed to the Zanbal project in Mali since 2012, an acacia-planting project that compensates 100% for the greenhouse gas emissions linked to the production of our Extra-Gentle shampoo.
A 20-year commitment that also generates:

  • additional income for farmers and food for cattle
  • an increase in crop productivity

Since 2015, DUCRAY Dermatological Laboratories have been Climate Solidarity Ambassadors alongside GERES.

TRANSPARENT action raising awareness of the environmental impact of our products

We contributed to the French environmental-labeling campaign with our Extra-Gentle shampoo:

  • in France in 2011
  • in Europe in 2015