Our employees are environmentally responsible every day

  • Awareness days are organized every year for marketing and industrial teams.
  • Paper sorting has been set up on most of our sites in France.
  • At certain sites, specific actions have been taken, such as the provision of bicycles for traveling between different workshops at the Pau, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, France production site.
  • A carpool website is available for employees at French sites.
  • Environmental performance is one of the criteria used for listing vehicles in our car catalog. Vehicles for medical representatives, sales agents and training providers have CO2 emissions of no more than 130 g per km (7.4 oz per mile). Each driver, when receiving the car, is given a brochure explaining good driving practices. 

Our Argentinean subsiduary recycles for the Garrahan Foundation

Since September 2013, the Argentina subsidiary has been involved in a paper recycling program created by the Garrahan Foundation, which aims to raise money for the Garrahan pediatric hospital. Each month, the Argentine subsidiary collects and sends waste paper for recycling (old magazines, corporate brochures and print-outs). The involvement of our subsidiary in this program helps to contribute to the development of the Garrahan pediatric hospital (running costs, medical care, etc.). In addition, it allows employees at the subsidiary to become involved in an environmental and social project, and to encourage responsible behavior.

You can also help recycle

The decree on common labeling for recyclable products, in the form of "Triman" sorting instructions, was published in the French Government's Official Journal on December 26, 2014.

This common "Triman" labeling, which has been in force since January 1, 2015 further to the Grenelle environment forum, aims to inform you about products that have specific sorting instructions.

It can be recognized thanks to the black and white "Triman" label, showing an individual acting as a good citizen involved in recycling. 

Before discarding your packaging, remember to recycle and act in favor of the environment!

The packaging from our brands' products may have a specific sorting instruction.

If there is no sorting instruction on the packaging, or to learn about how to recycle packaging from Pierre Fabre Group brands, go to the website