Partnership with the education system


We form very close relations with universities and schools that provide training that is directly linked to the requirements of our jobs.

These links are crucial for us because they help to enrich the recruiting pool of young talented individuals and strengthen our policy of skills management. Furthermore, they are a testimony to Mr Pierre Fabre’s wish to help with the development of new training programs, particularly in the Midi-Pyrénées region of France, and promote professional integration for young people.

For example, in 2014, we signed an international professional training and skills development partnership agreement with Toulouse Business School.



La Dépêche Foundation

Pierre Fabre Laboratories supports La Dépêche Foundation.

Created in 2008, its mission is both social and educational. Commitments: supporting excellence, reinforcing solidarity, and bringing our heritage to life. Mission: to share our common heritage with the children of the Republic. Key programs: “active grant” system, multimedia information conservatory for the Midi-Pyrénées and annual exhibition, promotion of a company spirit through microcredit.

“Un avenir ensemble” Foundation

Our company is one of the founding members of the “Un avenir ensemble” (A Future Together) Foundation. Its mission is to help deserving young people from less privileged backgrounds in their academic or professional careers.

Les Cordées de la réussite

Our company supports “Les Cordées de la réussite”, a project that works toward greater social equity for access to high-quality education. It facilitates access to higher education for deserving young people, who, because of their social or regional origins, would otherwise be unable to successfully undertake a long-term education program.