Environmental footprint

Carbon Impact


The reduction in greenhouse gases is a major challenge in the fight against global warming. The company therefore takes action to reduce its emissions and dependency on fossil fuels.

Use of waste


Reducing and using waste are key elements in our efforts to diminish our environmental footprint. These practices mostly help to reduce our carbon impact but also bring down the consumption of energy and resources.

Energy and resources


We strive to limit the consumption of energy and resources for environmental reasons and to bolster our economic competitiveness. Thinking and taking action now means saving money in the future and increasing our competitiveness.

Water use

We strive to improve our performance in water management material on our industrial sites and R & D . We are reducing our consumption through the installation of new equipment , the improvement of our manufacturing facilities and the respect of eco - gestures in everyday life.



The “High-Quality Environmental” (HQE) approach covers the reduction of impacts on the environment of a building based on the optimization of the quality of life for the comfort and health of the user. The company embraced this HQE approach in experimental operations for its three most recent industrial investments.