Ethics and codes of conduct

Code of ethics and Best Practices Charters

We have adopted a Group Code of ethics. It lists the commitments, practices and modes of conduct that our company has chosen and instituted for both its internal and external relations. The Code of ethics is a reference document that formalizes the ethical framework all employees must adhere to on a daily basis when performing their duties and making responsible decisions. Informational meetings are held to ensure that every employee in France and around the world is given a chance to learn and understand what the Group Code of ethics contains and the terms of enforcing it. E-learning training programs will also be deployed starting in mid-2015. 
In addition to the Code of ethics, we have also introduced specific charters like the Purchasing Charter and the Good Promotional Practices Charter in order to provide details on the proper conduct to use in certain of our business activities and professions.

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An internal alert system has been set up to enable any employee of the Group and any external and temporary employee to alert the Group's Directorate-General on practices contrary to the Code of Ethics.

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Global Data Privacy Policy

This Global Data Privacy Policy represents the minimum standards that Pierre Fabre Group and its affiliates have set with respect to data privacy, for ensuring that we collect, use, retain and disclose Personal Data in a fair, transparent and secure way.  

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Code of pratices on relationships with patient organisations

Keen to best serve the interests of everyone, and patients and consumers of its products in particular, by developing and supplying quality products and services while respecting the environment, Pierre Fabre Group must comply with the ethical principles applicable to the conduct of its business and adopt socially responsible behaviour towards all stakeholders and employees.

With this Code of practices, Pierre Fabre Group wishes to formalize its commitment and unite all its employees in both France and abroad through its values. This Code was developed to clarify the rules each employee must follow while interacting with Patients Organizations, to ensure they act and make responsible decisions in their daily tasks and activities.

As such, beyond merely complying with legislation, this Code should help each person use good judgement and adopt the expected appropriate ethical behaviour, a reflection of our vision and values as part of our on-going quest for sustainable development.

This Code is in line with principles defined by European Professional Organization (EFPIA) and French Professional Organization (LEEM).

Responsible communication


We ensure that our brands respect the principles of responsible communication. Press releases about environmental allegations, in particular, are validated by our competent regulatory departments and the Sustainable Development Division.

Promotional information


We have a detailing structure that is suited to changes in the pharmaceutical market and its products, as well as the quality requirements of national regulatory authorities.

In line with its ethical values, our company complies with the Information Charter through direct contact and canvassing to promote drugs. It has implemented a comprehensive quality system covering this activity, as part of a continuous improvement initiative, through a Quality Policy, the success of which is based on the commitment of the Management team and employees.

Since 2007, our French detailing networks* have thus been certified by an organization duly accredited by COFRAC (French accreditation body), in accordance with the standards implemented by the French Health Authority. They comply with the ethical rules that apply to promotional information on drugs.

Our international subsidiaries enforce the national regulations that apply to them, as well as our charter of best practices for promotion.

* network promoting at least one reimbursed drug.