Fair trade

Ethical Shea butter from Burkina Faso - René Furterer


Founded in 2004, SOTOKACC, a small business based in Toussiana (Burkina Faso), through which our brand René Furterer obtains its Shea butter supplies, provides not only regular income and social autonomy for its 16 female employees, but also for over 200 women who produce and harvest the nuts.

Our supply contract with this small business is set for five years, with a pre-financed 100% Shea butter order.

In July 2011, the René Furterer brand provided SOTOKACC with a mechanical press, which now makes the tedious job of churning unnecessary and therefore reduces the difficulty of the women's working conditions. This supplier is fair trade-certified.

The desert date palm in Senegal - Klorane


The Boabab des saveurs company in Thiès, Senegal provides us with dates from the desert date palm. In order to harvest the date, this company works with two Groupements d'Intérêt Economique (GIE - Economic Interest Group) in the Mboumba and Galoya regions of northern Senegal. These two GIEs include around 100 women who pick the dates over a farmed area of almost 100 hectares, which is certified organic. Since 2014, all of this supply affiliate has been certified "fair trade". As we purchase these dates, we help to fund a development program whose use will be defined in association with the two GIEs from 2015.