A name inspired by the science of galenic formulation

The name Galénic refers to galenic formulation, which involves finding the best combinations and the most appropriate compounds to ensure the effectiveness of the active substances while also evoking emotions and pleasing the senses.

Pharmaceutical heritage

It all began in Paris in the late 1970s. Mr. Pierre Fabre, a visionary pharmacist and the inventor of dermo-cosmetics, imagined a brand that would combine the rigor of the pharmaceutical industry and the refinement of the beauty world.

In 1977, he created the Galénic brand. This was his way of making the statement that beauty is not a domain of promises but a domain of expertise. As such, he renewed and continued this "Art of Galenics," applying it to cosmetic care.

Perpetuating the art of formulation

For the past 50 years, each creation has been the fruit of the pharmaceutical culture of Pierre Fabre Laboratories and expertise in galenic formulation. By applying his expertise as a pharmacist and knowledge of the art of formulation, Pierre Fabre revolutionized cosmetics and beauty. Shared passion and expertise passed down from generation to generation between "Master formulators."

Master formulator: a vocation of excellence

Pierre Fabre Laboratories Dermo-Cosmetics Research Center in southern France, Galénic’s "Master formulators" work to develop innovative new formulas. Experts in galenic formulation, they imagine, compose, assemble and test the tailored formula, allowing the full power of the active ingredients to be expressed. Each product is a perfect balance of rigor, effectiveness and sensory appeal. This quest for perfection and ever-more-inventive and effective formulas is made possible by the transmission of knowledge inherited from the past and a constant desire to push the boundaries.

The collections

The radiance-boosting skincare with ruby microparticles that smooths, re-energizes and perfects the skin.

A collection of four ultimate  moisturizing formulas. The most effective products to intensely plump the skin on a daily basis.

A smart night care product with regenerative power, which works throughout the night for visibly more youthful and radiant skin upon awakening.

This day care product corrects "all the signs of aging," smooths wrinkles, moisturizes the skin, evens out the complexion, boosts radiance, and firms the skin.
La puissance d'un sérum vert ultra-tenseur à effet stretch immédiat, rééquilibré par la douceur d'un sérum ivoire enveloppant.
A collection of seven moisturizing anti-wrinkle formulas, which are perfectly balanced thanks to formulas that are adapted to the various needs of women.
A collection of four exceptional moisturizing and lifting formulas. The most targeted advanced treatment for skin slackening.
A collection of five formulas for a flawless finish. To give women skin that instantly looks and feels flawless.
A collection of four exceptional instantaneous beautifying formulas. Light make-up for an instantly flawless complexion.