Transforming solutions for beautiful and healthy looking skin

The Glytone brand was acquired by the Pierre Fabre Group in the United States in 2002. It includes a comprehensive range of dermatological dispensing products marketed exclusively in the United States. The American cosmetic dermatology market has become the worldwide leader. It offers significant growth potential for our Glytone brand, whose products have proven their clinical efficacy and have a high level of safety guaranteed by Pierre Fabre’s pharmaceutical expertise.

Gamme de produits Glytone

Glytone offers more than 80 products in 8 different skincare systems “Exclusive to Physicians”. They provide targeted solutions for skin health through the combination of in-office procedures and at-home treatments.

Glytone history

  • 1943: Started by 2 pharmacists in collaboration with a dermatologist. The brand was built upon the innovation of Free Acid Value (Glycolic Acid) and its rejuvenating benefits to the skin.
  • 1984: Proven true benefits of Glycolic Acid, creation of first In-Office Glycolic Acid Peel Sheer Mask +30 Gel.
  • 1992: Popularity was evident: creation of a brand with the words GLYcolic Acid + TONE of the skin. GLYTONE was born
  • 1998: Genesis Pharmaceutical acquired distribution right of Wellskin, a well-known brand containing Novasome technology (a time-released delivery)
  • 2002: Glytone becomes part of the Pierre Fabre Group.
  • 2006: Manufacturing in the US at Henderson, NV
  • 2010: Glytone revolutionizes the antioxidant market with the launch of a new Anti-aging line with an innovative and exclusive combination of ingredients
  • 2011: Glytone professional line integrated the Enerpeel technology
  • 2012: Glytone extended its antioxidant line with the launch of a Night Cream also containing powerful peptides
  • 2016: Glytone introduces Enhance Brightening Complex and reinforces its expertise in treating hyperpigmented skin.
  • 2016: Glytone became the transforming solution for beautiful and healthy looking skin, refreshing its image with a new look, new packaging and optimized product lines.

PFAV™ (Precision Free Acid Value) System

As a market pioneer in the use of Alpha Hydroxy Acids to refine the skin, Glytone provides the most comprehensive yet simple system for creating radiant, beautiful skin. With a special focus on difficult to manage imperfections, including hyperpigmentation and photo aging, our products are highly effective while minimizing irritation.

Glytone developed the PFAV™ System that determinates and discloses the strength and activity of Glycolic Acid for reliable and targeted treatment and maximal results, creating simply beautiful skin.


Glytone uses the Enerpeel Technology in unique peel solutions to address different skin conditions and deliver visible, predictable results on skin aging, hyperpigmented skin, acne-prone skin and redness. 

Glytone by Enerpeel professional peel systems target different part of the body such as the face, eyes, lips, hands, neck, back and chest.