Shareholding control structure

The Pierre Fabre Foundation is the Group’s controlling shareholder.

The Pierre Fabre Foundation is a government-recognized public-interest organization whose mission is to improve access to quality medication and care in the least developed and developing countries. Its programs focus on main areas:

  • improving access to health care
  • training of health professionals
  • the fight against sickle-cell disease (a serious genetic illness that mainly affects the African continent)
  • tropical dermatology.

As the Foundation is dedicated first and foremost to its public interest mission, it delegates the supervision of the Group’s management to its subsidiary Pierre Fabre Participations.

Chairman: Pierre-Yves REVOL



The controlling company Pierre Fabre Participations validates the Group’s strategy, appoints its main executives and ensures that the continuity mission defined by Mr. Pierre FABRE is respected:

  • Ensuring the group’s independence
  • Maintaining both the Pharmaceuticals and Dermo-cosmetics activities
  • Reinvesting a significant proportion of profits in R&D
  • Prioritising long-term goals over short-term financial results
  • Maintaining the Group’s footprint in its birth region and its corporate social responsibility culture  
  • Allowing the Pierre Fabre Foundation to pursue its objectives through a suitable dividend payment policy.

Chairman: Pierre-Yves REVOL

Operating companies

Pierre Fabre S.A. is the Group's holding company. It elaborates the Group's overall strategy, consolidates and coordinates its activities, and hosts support functions and shared services. Pierre Fabre Pharmaceuticals and Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetics are the main subsidiaries of Pierre Fabre S.A., respectively in charge of the pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic businesses.

Supervisory Board
The Supervisory Board is chaired by Roch DOLIVEUX.
Supervisory Board

Executive Governance
Pierre Fabre S.A. is headed by Eric DUCOURNAU. Pierre Fabre Pharmaceuticals and Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetics are headed respectively by Frédéric DUCHESNE and Núria PEREZ-CULLELL
Executive Governance

The Pierre Fabre Supervisory Board has formed three committees: Audit Committee, Nomination & Remuneration Committee, Strategic Committee.