Governance and ethics

Placing ethics at the heart of our actions

Our company belongs to a foundation recognized as being of public interest and this, together with the values inherited from our founder, including the pharmaceutical ethics that we make sure to place at the heart of our actions, guides us in achieving our daily mission: “caring for humankind in its totality and its diversity.”

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The Group is majority-owned by a recognized public interest foundation (86%) and by its employees (7%), a unique shareholder structure that gives us the independence needed to foster responsible growth. 



Ethics and Codes of conduct


Our company takes great care to respect ethical principles in conducting its affairs and to work with partners who share these principles. To achieve this, the company holds its employees to several codes of ethics that are specially required for the proper performance of commercial activities carried out by our sales and medical representative networks. It ensures these codes are effectively applied by its employees and partners. 

Safety and quality


The safety of patients and consumers is crucial. As a healthcare company, our monitoring departments detect, analyze and control any risks associated with using our products throughout their life-cycle. As stipulated by law, we follow European and international standards for product quality and process guarantees for everything from drugs and dermo-cosmetic products to medical devices and dietary supplements.

CSR management


The vital condition for constantly and durably improving our best practices and performance in CSR is to implement a long-term social responsibility program and an ongoing structured dialogue with stakeholders. We have done this by setting up a designated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) management body and opting to measure our achievements and results with a voluntary AFAQ 26000 assessment.

Responsible purchasing


We aim to respect a balance among the stakeholders who are involved in our purchasing procedures. In addition, our purchasers ensure that the respect for environmental and social criteria is aligned with the improvement in quality of services and the optimization of overall costs. These principles are laid out in our Purchasing Charter. We have also signed the credit mediation charter of the CDAF, the association of French buyers.