Green chemistry

Reducing our environmental impact


Established in the early 1990s, green chemistry aims to design chemical products and procedures that make it possible to eliminate or reduce the use and synthesis of substances that are potentially harmful to humans and the environment. It involves 12 principles that we take great care to follow when developing and applying our processes.

How it applies to our processes


We apply the principles of this “sustainable” chemistry to all our chemical activities whenever possible, from the design phase to the final industrial process. It applies to the study of all our processes: plant extraction, semi-synthesis, molecule purification and organic synthesis. Our aim is to eliminate or reduce the environmental impact of these processes at the source.

Furthermore, our Gaillac (Tarn, France) teams are working on various technological innovations (plant cell culture, supercritical fluids, intensification of processes) to optimize this approach.

Our policy for selecting solvents

We have, for instance, set up a policy for selecting solvents, making it possible to industrialize processes with a limited impact, if any: the choice of solvents is therefore guided by their inherent characteristics, as well as our ability to recycle or reuse them after the process. By reducing our consumption, we achieve environmental and economic benefits.