Health and solidarity

Foundation for Atopic Dermatitis

Since 2006, the Foundation for Atopic Dermatitis, a company foundation created by Pierre Fabre Laboratories, has contributed to funding research work and clinical studies on atopic dermatitis. It also designs and organizes educational projects, creates, edits and distributes information tools for practitioners, parents and children.

Examples of projects:

  • fondation-da.jpgParticipation in creating and developing 35 Atopy Schools in Europe, China, Colombia and Mexico to develop therapeutic education
  • Creation of teaching tools and brochures for healthcare professionals
  • Participation in the fine-tuning of PO-SCORAD (Patient Oriented Score of Atopic Dermatitis), a self-assessment tool for atopic dermatitis
  • Participation in National Days for training and therapeutic education for atopic dermatitis in France, Belgium and Italy
  • Creation and running of the Internet site for the Foundation for Atopic Dermatitis.

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Fondation for Atopic Dermatitis
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Tél : 05 62 87 77 57

Tulipe Association


We provide essential products and medicines to the Tulipe Association. As a non-governmental organization governed by the Law of 1901, Tulipe combines donations from healthcare companies to provide an emergency response to the needs of people in distress during acute sanitary crises, natural catastrophes and conflicts. Its intervention involves making rapidly available emergency kits with new healthcare products that are suitable to requirements on the ground.

Our actions around the world


 Africa - Klorane Bébé partners with AMREF (African Medical and Research Foundation)

Klorane Bébé supports the Stand Up For African Mothers campaign spearheaded by the African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF), Africa's leading public health NGO, and is helping train 15,000 African midwives to reduce mortality rates among mothers and babies in Africa.
Every year, over 162,000 women die during pregnancy or childbirth in Sub-Saharan Africa where the risk of mortality for mothers is 1,000 times higher than in France. Yet 80% of these deaths could be prevented by trained health professionals, specifically midwives, because every trained African midwife is able to help 500 mothers each year, as well as thousands of babies who will be born under better conditions.
AMREF and Klorane Bébé launched two initiatives as part of their new partnership. First, Klorane Bébé donated a portion of its proceeds* to pharmacies; then the partners came up with a unique way to encourage people to become involved online, by writing a special song called the Lullaby for Life. Written and sung by singer Inna Modja, an AMREF ambassador, the lullaby can be downloaded from Facebook for free starting in October. Klorane Bébé is giving €1 to AMREF** for every download. Not only will the beautiful song allow children in France to gently drift off to sleep, it will most importantly help the children of Africa come into this world safely.
* €1 for every promotional Duo Baby Gentle Foaming Gel sold in October
** For the first 10,000 downloads

Germany - Shared electric vehicles for Fribourg University Hospital
On September 5, 2011, Pierre Fabre Germany and other sponsors provided Fribourg University Hospital with a shared electric vehicle. This car will make it easier for a hundred or so cancer patients who cannot attend the hospital each week for chemotherapy sessions to remain at home. It is the second “social car” to be sponsored by our German affiliate.