Industrial expertise




Our skill and expertise have gained worldwide recognition in a number of industrial fields, such as the industrial extraction and production of active substances of plant or synthetic origin, the design of pharmaceutical boiled sweets and the production of drugs in the form of injectable solutions for the treatment of cancer. These capabilities translates into partnership or production contracts with international pharmaceutical groups.

Our teams make a constant effort to increase our technological knowledge, maintain our competitiveness and meet a triple challenge: to satisfy the required standards of the pharmaceutical industry, to participate in the process of continuous improvement and to increase our productivity and service quality on an ongoing basis.



Pierre Fabre undertakes the development and production of plant-based or synthetic active substancesfor the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical sectors. For this purpose, the group makes use of technological and industrial expertise such as extraction, hemisynthesis, chemical synthesis, cytotoxic production, plant cell cultivation and the production of supercritical fluids. When it comes to active substances, Pierre Fabre's expertise is well known in the field of cytotoxic product development and production, as well as in the extraction and purification of natural active substances from plant-based raw materials, using the process of hemisynthesis.

Our work in industrial innovation is aimed at long-term activities that will satisfy our clients and other interested parties, comply with pharmaceutical regulations and take into account the growing challenges of sustainable development.



Thanks to an industrial and technological expertise, we are able to comprehensively master our supply chain, from the provision of components to the delivery of products to clients, not only pharmaceutical drugs but also food supplements and medical devices.

Close cooperation between our engineers and our drug development teams enables us to master the industrialization process from the very moment molecules are discovered. This is a further guarantee of rapid registration.

Based on processes designed internally, our industrial expertise has become increasingly diversified, for example in the manufacturing of dry, liquid and semi-solid forms, with a focus on several niches of excellence, such as aseptic production in isolators for highly active molecules or the pharmaceutical production of boiled sugar.



In response to our strong international growth and the sophistication in client requirements from all over the world, our dermo-cosmetics production division keeps improving its processes. This development has now reached new heights with the production of dermo-cosmetics in a sterile environment.