Intensification of Procedures



In the realm of design and automatization of procedures for the manufacture of our plant-based active substances, we pursue a proactive course. Our goal is to ensure the installation of the most efficient equipment and procedures that respect the environment, while guaranteeing a very high-quality finished product. This quest for the optimal technologies covers the extraction of plant materials, the purification of extracts and their molecular transformation, and the organic synthesis of active substances. This approach is referred to as the intensification of procedures. It is a recent concept for sustainable development, relying on all the principles of innovation and enabling significant progress in terms of efficacy, quality, safety and return on investment.

Using this approach we uphold the principles of green chemistry.



To join together and share research, we have initiated a significant program: the European House of Innovative Procedures (MEPI).
It is a technological platform based in Toulouse with a European scope, by which universities and industries share their knowledge and expertise to experiment with pioneering procedures.
The aim is also to ensure the distribution of these new concepts, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses that can test them with the help of MEPI.