Growing every day

Training Policy

Our markets and business climate are always changing, so we must keep developing our skills and anticipating what lies ahead.

Throughout your career, you receive group or individual trainings that meet the particular requirements of your job and your business segment. They also give you control over your own skill development. 

Our challengingTraining Policy is aligned with the Group's key strategies:

  • A global scope, which is now top-priority
  • Strategic growth plans for our business lines
  • Support for digitizing and discovering new practices in our core businesses
  • Stronger leadership: the cornerstone of supporting our teams

Université Pierre Fabre

Université Pierre Fabre is a place for sharing ideas to help build a stronger common identity for our 13,000 employees. It is tasked with implementing this training policy and has these main missions:  

  • To provide a training plan with a global scope that offers Excellence courses and Corporate programs (marketing, finance, digital technology, auditing, etc.) to prepare the talents of future
  • To support change in our job and organizations by administering group or individual trainings that meet their specific needs 
  • To expand e-learning, making training available to all our employees around the world

Every year, Université Pierre Fabre trains over 1,000 employees and administers 160,000 course hours.