Personal accounts

Product manager

We are responsible for product development, from writing specifications to putting the product onto the market…

Maintenance Technician

Taking part in new projects and working on increasingly innovative equipment provides a real source of motivation…

Quality control technician

I have a highly technical position; my role involves working in a complex environment with all team members…

Executive Assistant

As an executive assistant for the Avène Dermatological Laboratories, I have the opportunity to work on highly varied assignments.

Subsidiary Administrative and financial Director

As administrative and financial director of the Spanish subsidiary, I am in charge of implementing the financial strategy and for defending the interests and good reputation of the Group in the subsidiary.

Biology Research Technician

I work on pharmacological evaluations for drug trial candidates where I undertake analyses, measurements and trials on primary cells.

Manufacturing Process Operator

I work in the production centre in Pau, which specializes in manufacturing injectable pharmaceuticals in a sterile environment, where I monitor the whole production process.

Head of Management Control

Most of my activity consists in analyzing and modeling economic data for a specific reason: to anticipate the changes in results and to guide decision-makers’ choices.

Sales Representative

My first duty is to provide high quality customer follow-up that focuses on key themes: Naturactive range-based product mix, merchandising, pricing strategy and promotions.

R&D Project Leader

First of all I list all the needs expressed by the marketing department in the specifications, and I consolidate the technical response hand-in-hand with business experts.