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Pierre Fabre and AFNOR Certification are pleased to announce that the pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetics laboratories have recently achieved the very highest score on the AFAQ 26000 assessment, which was conducted by independent AFNOR Certification auditors during the 2nd half of 2015. Pierre Fabre obtained a score of 805 (out of the 1000 possible points that make up the evaluation grid).

Pierre Fabre is the first company with more than 10,000 employees to achieve this rare “exemplary” AFAQ 26000 rating. The company spent three years voluntarily evaluating its CSR policy. It was first assessed in 2012 and achieved a "confirmed” rating.


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Pierre Fabre makes its CSR policy grow, achieving an exemplary rating on the AFAQ 26000 assessment

Pierre Fabre received in 2018, the Happy Trainees label for the sixth consecutive year and ranks 9th in the “100 to 500 interns” category.

This ranking is carried out by “” and recognizes companies that “welcome, support, and manage their interns.” Companies are ranked exclusively by their interns and work-study students according to their respective categories: more than 500 interns, 100 to 500 interns, 20 to 99 interns and, finally, 1 to 19 interns.

171 Pierre Fabre Group interns and work-study students responded to the survey and the vast majority recommended our company. They all provided feedback on 6 points: Professional advancement, motivation, pride, provision of a stimulating environment, fun, and management.