True to my nature

Caring, a vocation

What mission could be more rewarding than taking care of others by working towards their well-being? We have been carrying out this mission for over fifty years through our commitment, from Health to Beauty. More than just a professional activity, it is a vocation that drives us and unites our employees around a common goal: to help everyone feel good and take care of their families.

Undertake, a mindset

Innovate and manufacture products in France, innovate worldwide, innovate while respecting our roots, innovate by drawing inspiration from nature, and innovate with respect to our partnership models.… This continuous innovation in the service of patients and consumers has distinguished us for more than 50 years. Thus, it is not surprising that we encourage personal development and individual initiatives.

Respect, an evidence

The Group's growth in France has always been carried out in a responsible manner, within the framework of a sustainable strategy that respects our environments. Our CSR policy commitments are not only internal: they also extend to our customers, our suppliers, and the nature that inspires us. All of our actions and decisions are impregnated with a mutual respect and a profound humanity Thanks to the Pierre Fabre Foundation's actions and our unique governance in France, economics and ethics go hand in hand.

A project to be carried out together

Combining a social project with an economic project: such was the vision of Pierre Fabre, the Group’s founder.

We continue to pursue this key concept today. We enable our employees to concretely invest in the life of the company, in particular through a dynamic and sustainable employee shareholder plan.

Nine out of ten employees in eight countries (Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Poland) are now Group shareholders. Our unique capital structure has enabled our employees to buy into Pierre Fabre SA's capital, and they now own 7.8%.