Klorane, the true nature of our botanical care

For 50 years, Klorane has been cultivating the art of demanding and effective dermo-cosmetics, derived from botanical science and adapted to individual needs.

Klorane believes in a more responsible world and works on a daily basis, using simple, tangible actions, to create more respectful products that benefit everyone.


A plant for every occasion


 Pioneering botany

Klorane Laboratories carefully selects plant species from around the world that are most appropriate, and extracts the richest active ingredients to offer health and beauty for your hair.

Botany that is close to nature

Klorane’s desire is to embrace the rhythm of nature, never to force it; to listen to those who have the talent, experience and knowledge of plants and whose main tool is patience.

Klorane, experts in plant-based active ingredients

Our botanical science is founded on extreme accuracy. Together we work toward the sustainable development of innovative, safe and effective plant-based active ingredients.


Our nature is a history of the earth and humankind

  • logo_bepf.jpgBotanists who have been passionate since 1965
  • Farmers who respect natural environments
  • Pharmacists who guarantee safety and efficacy
  • Phytochemists who search for more innovative plant-based active substances
  • Pharmaceutical engineers working to design pleasing textures
  • The Klorane Institute, a foundation that actively protects biodiversity
  • Together we work responsibly to develop innovative, safe and effective plant-based active substances. Our approach at Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre is now approved (EFQM label -European Foundation for Quality Management).

A responsible brand


ECOCERT has recognized the excellence of Klorane Laboratories for the contribution to the challenge of sustainable development.

Considering the observations made during the evaluation based on the principles of ISO standard 26000 and the Ethics Committee's opinion, ECOCERT Environment has awarded Klorane Laboratories the label ECOCERT 26000 - Level of Excellence.

Klorane Botanical Foundation

Biodiversity is a fragile heritage and a promise of the future.

To protect it, the Klorane Botanical Foundation has focused on three commitments since 1994.

  • PROTECTING plant species that are threatened in the world in cooperation with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUNC), botanical conservatories and scientific institutions (CNRS, etc.). The Klorane Botanical Foundation supports the Great Green Wall program aiming to combat desertification in Sahel by planting 10,000 date palms in the desert over a 3-year period in Senegal.
  • EXPLORING plant engineering constantly by supporting future projects and establishing charts and brochures with botanical data. The Klorane Botanical Foundation funds three doctoral theses in Senegal on desert date palms and their impact on humans, the environment and health.
  • EDUCATING healthcare professionals, the wider public, and academics on the importance of the plant world thanks to adapted educational materials, hands-on scientific programs, and visits to botanical gardens. Every year in France and abroad, the Klorane Botanical Foundation offers thousands of schoolchildren the opportunity to visit gardens, with sponsorship from pharmacists.