Knowledge and nature conservation

Protecting nature, a source of inspiration and innovation

Nature is a source of inspiration, innovation and knowledge. Our business activities are built around its richness.Today, nearly 70% of the company's turnover comes from the marketing of products whose active ingredient is found in nature.Therefore, whether it is by developing natural active ingredients or using processes derived from plant chemistry, respect for natural resources is deeply rooted in our values.

Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre


Since Pierre Fabre Laboratories was founded over 50 years ago, it has been pursuing a continuous improvement strategy to explore, develop and protect the plant world. Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre galvanizes this approach for the responsible development of innovative, safe and effective plant-based active ingredients. Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre is based on four founding principles: Innovate, Preserve, Respect and Guarantee. Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre was awarded the EFQM label (European Foundation for Quality Management) by the independent group AFNOR (French international standardization network).

Klorane Botanical Foundation

Klorane Botanical Foundation is a foundation for the protection and use of plant heritage. These actions are grounded in three missions to Protect, Explore and Educate. 


Water Laboratory


The Water Laboratory is located at the site for the Avène hydrotherapy center and production center, where it continuously tests and monitors the purity and quality of Avène thermal spring water. It participates in or initiates research projects to further knowledge on the origin and properties of Avène thermal spring water. It also shares its knowledge through scientific communication actions for all the groups involved in balneology. 

Conservation and preservation


Protecting biodiversity and natural resources is one of the challenges of the century. The company and its brands actively contribute to the preservation and conservation of biodiversity in numerous ways.