Our mission

Pierre Fabre

Caring for the human being as a whole

In order to do this, we design and develop consumer and patient inspired innovative solutions that contribute to people's well-being, from health to beauty. We achieve this by cooperating with health-care professionals, our trusted partners worldwide, by drawing relentless inspiration from nature and plants, and by placing pharmaceutical ethics at the very heart of our operations

Mr Pierre Fabre



It all started with a retail pharmacy

As a dispenser, Pierre Fabre set out to practice his profession on an industrial scale, endeavoring to provide a global response to the therapeutic needs and well-being of patients. This philosophy translates into a wide-ranging portfolio of complementary products, from prescribed drugs to dermo-cosmetics, also incorporating OTC drugs and natural health. Our products and innovative solutions address the full spectrum of health care needs from high-prevailing pathologies (such as cancer or atopical dermatitis) to rare diseases (such as pediatric hemangioma), from day-to-day illnesses and family hygiene to skin, hair and scalp care. To accomplish this mission everywhere in the world, we are forging partnerships based on trust and cooperation with health professionals, who are best positioned to prescribe or advise patients on our products, primarily physicians and pharmacists. They know their patients' needs better than anyone else.

A holistic approach to health

Health is a holistic concept. It does not start where illness or disability ends : it also covers harmony and each person's self-image. As the World Health Organization has expressed it, it is a state of complete well-being, both socially and mental by speaking. Our company has set itself the goal of meeting the demand for health care by providing a comprehensive approach to health and beauty. As a result research focuses on the anticipation of new solutions in both the medical and the cosmetic fields. Pierre Fabre products are meant for everyone - whether they are sick or in good health, from birth to death, for men, women and children.

Pierre Fabre Laboratories