Convinced of the power of nature, we offer natural health solutions that are safe, reliable and effective. We promote these solutions to the general public and professionals using a global approach to health and well-being, in accordance with the pharmaceutical ethics at the roots of Pierre Fabre's mission. (in French) French)


Naturactive provides personalized and complementary solutions for your health and well-being that cover all of life’s daily needs. To help pharmacists give advice, Naturactive’s product lines are organized into different areas of care, principally: Sleep and stress, Winter vitality and defense, Pain, Urinary comfort and elimination, Circulation, Feminine well-being, Weight loss and digestion.

  • Herbal Medicine: Available in pharmacies for over 25 years, the Naturactive phytotherapy line offers a total of 78 plants and natural products. The herbal medicines come primarily in the form of a dry extract in capsules. Plants are also combined and offered as liquid extracts in slim packets.
  • Aromatherapy: Since its creation, Naturactive has offered essential oils complexes for respiratory problems. Currently, the product line, available in pharmacies, consists of 44 individual organic farm-produced essential oils to which mixtures are added for their dispersal (Assaini's spray for example).
  • Beauty Nutrition: The leading product of this line of dietary supplements,  Doriance Autobronzant (self-tanning) is prepared using 7 Phytopigments®. Also part of this line: Doriance Solaire (suntan), Doriance Anti-âge Solaire (anti-aging suntan). Another product for hair and nail beauty: Naturactive Hair & Nails.
  • Health nutrition: Dietary supplements in gelcaps, capsules or slim packets adapted to each moment in life: The Seriane line to deal with stress and sleep disorders, the Urisanol line for feminine urinary comfort and new ACTIV 4 formulas for the immune system and vitality.

NATURACTIVE, The Best from Nature


Initially created in 1988 by Pierre Fabre under the name of Plantes & Médecines, the Naturactive brand has remained true to its original mission: to provide drugs and health products whose active ingredients come from natural sources. 


By putting nature first with regard to health care and drugs, we’ve adopted a broader vision in which each of us becomes responsible for our own state of health. This is why we go beyond our research and production activities to inform the public in matters of basic health practices and prevention. In order to change people's habits and behavior, we support the actions of health professionals.

Naturactive also represents the Pierre Fabre laboratory's philosophy, which is based on 5 fundamental ideas: Each human is a singular and unique being Health is a treasure to protect Health solutions must be graduated, personalized and complementary Nature is an exceptional source of health solutions Natural resources must be protected.


In accordance with the regulatory mechanisms governing its status as a pharmaceutical entity, Naturactive manufactures its products in keeping with Good Manufacturing Practices. Each stage of the process is under tight control, from the selection of the active ingredients to the final inspection before shipping. The same requirements equally apply to our drugs and dietary supplements. The products are then delivered to pharmacies, where patients can benefit from sound professional advice and personalized care and follow-up.


Five scientific experts--doctors, pharmacists, researchers and nutritionists—have been working together since June 2009 as part of the Naturactive Scientific Information Council. By comparing ideas and putting forward proposals and recommendations, this expert panel is the driving force behind the health program developed by Naturactive.
Topics covered by the Council have focused mainly on medical communication, public health initiatives and the development of new areas of care.


Naturactive is distributed in 11,000 pharmacies throughout France that place special focus on herbal medicine. We send out an informational email each month to over 7,000 customers. An annual survey is also sent to pharmacists to get a better idea of their opinions regarding the brand, its merits and effect.

Data taken from the 2014 survey: 884 pharmacists took part in our survey (a 13% response rate) and gave the brand an average score of 15,3 /20.