Understanding oncology

Oncology is concerned with the etiology (the study of the causes and factors of a disease), prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of all the diseases that we refer to as "cancer". A cancer is a disease characterized by the presence of a malignant tumor that formed due to a mutation or the genetic instability of an initially healthy cell. This tumor is able to invade and destroy the surrounding structures and can spread to other parts of the body through a process known as metastasis.

Right from the outset, we have adopted a patient-focused approach. In oncology, this means developing treatments with brand new modes of administration. By forging links with clinical research centers, we hope that patients can benefit more quickly from our treatment advances and innovations. In addition cancer drugs, we strive to help patients understand, anticipate, and relieve the skin disorders caused by their treatment.

We have made oncology research one of our priorities, with programs focusing in particular on biotechnologies, immunotherapy, and targeted biotherapies. Our manufacturing plants for oncology products are certified by the American, European, and Japanese pharmaceutical agencies. Thanks to our experience, as regards both innovation and manufacturing, we are now recognized as one of the leading global names in oncology.

Right from day one, our company has favored a partnership-based approach to research, thanks to our conviction that complementary skills and the sharing of expertise are key to successful innovation. In 2015, the Group signed 7 partnership and collaboration agreements in oncology.