People and territories

Building together

Listening to our employees, our business partners and local communities in the regions in which we are present, we make this dialogue part of a process of co-building and co-responsibility. Employees and partners contribute to our influence and performance. In return, we help with the professional development of our employees and, as far as we can, contribute to the economic, social and cultural dynamism of the regions where we are located.


Social policy


Our 10,000 employees in 40 different countries take our values into the field and develop our activity on a daily basis. Recruiting, developing, training, providing a healthy work/life balance, winning loyalty: the human resources department assists with the growth of the company and its employees in their challenges in the present and the future.

Local presence


The desire to share the company’s development with that of our region of origin is a major characteristic of the group. This desire extends to all regions where we are located.



We form very close relations with universities and schools that provide training that is directly linked to the requirements of our jobs. These links help to enrich the recruiting pool of young talented individuals and strengthen our policy of skills management. They are also a testimony to Mr Pierre Fabre’s wish to help with the development of new training programs, particularly in the Midi-Pyrénées region, and to promote professional integration for young people. The company also supports community work in France and internationally in the field of education.

Culture and sports


The Pierre Fabre Group supports many different organizations and projects in the fields of culture and sports. Their points in common: coherence with our mission, values and desire for strong local presence.

Fair trade


The company aims to share its development with local communities. In order to do this, fair trade is a form of partnership that the company practices whenever possible.