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A-Derma gd_public.gif
A-DERMA is the first dermo-cosmetic brand with a natural plant-based active ingredient, Rhealba® Oat, which cares for and protects fragile, delicate skin. Visit to discover an online diagnostic tool, advice and the possibility to create your own personal space and receive the brand's newsletter.

Ducray gd_public.gif
Ducray Pharmaceutical Laboratories offer more than 65 products to care for the skin, hair and scalp. Care that makes the difference every day. presents the brand's history and offers advice and information on all the ranges: care products for the initial treatment of hair and skin problems, products to accompany medical prescriptions and maintenance products for the hair and skin. 

Eau Thermale Avène gd_public.gif
Eau thermale Avène, recognized and renowned for over two centuries for its soothing, anti-irritant properties, is the main active ingredient in a wide range of products that guarantee efficacy, tolerance and comfort for sensitive, intolerant and allergic skin. presents all the brand's ranges, offers advice, provides a list of points of sale, a personal space, the newsletter, a skin diagnostic tool and a beauty consultants' blog.

Station thermale Avène gd_public.gif
The Avène Hydrotherapy center is fully dedicated to dermatology and the treatment of skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, the after-effects of scars, burns and cancer treatment, ichthyosis, etc. presents the Avène Hydrotherapy Center, its history, the care program, the hydrotherapy-medical team, the rates, Avène and its region and practical information (accommodation, dining, etc.).

Elancyl gd_public.gif
For 35 years, Elancyl has been the pioneering, expert brand for slimming and body care. In addition to information on the products, offers an online diagnostic tool, advice and beauty rituals.


Galénic gd_public.gif
Galénic creates cosmetics of the highest quality for women who know what they want. Discover the entire Galénic universe, its ranges and its history on the new website.
Klorane gd_public.gif
Since 1965, Klorane has been creating products for all (infants, hair, cleansing, etc.) with scientifically-proven efficacy and safety.
Discover the philosophy, the brand's history and the hair care, cornflower, dermo-protection and infant ranges at  


Club Mamans Klorane for Mothers gd_public.gif
Klorane Bébé offers a range of hypoallergenic products with calendula extract for infants' fragile skin. 
Club Mamans Klorane is designed to support mothers in their learning, via thematic files, practical sheets, videos and specialist advice. There is a personal space to record their points of sale and keep track of all the exclusive advantages of the Klorane Bébé loyalty program online.  
Polysianes gd_public.gif
Polysianes offers sun care products with Tahitian Monoï oil for beautiful skin.
In addition to the brand's history and product information, www.polysianes offers tanning advice.
Klorane Botanical Foundation gd_public.gif
Company foundation for the protection and promotion of botanical heritage that takes real action on three missions: Protect, Explore and Educate. provides news about the foundation and information on botanicals. A library provides educational materials (posters, brochures, guides, etc.).
René Furterergd_public.gif
René Furterer offers exceptional care rituals for beautiful hair. Its graphic site offers a unique, visual and sensory experience to internet users. The site,, is a real interactive display, revealing the brand's care rituals. 

The Glytone brand offers a comprehensive range of dermatological dispensing products marketed exclusively in the United States. All of the brand’s products, with the exception of those intended for use by professionals, are available for purchase on the brand’s e-commerce website at

Naturactive offers products of natural origin for health and well-being.
In addition to information on the products and the brand's active ingredients, you will find health care, beauty and well-being files, a map on the origin of the active ingredients and the newsletter at

Carbolevure gd_public.gif
Carbolevure is indicated for digestive issues, in particular for intestinal bloating. provides comprehensive information on the origin of bloating, tips to avoid it and recipes for "bloat-free" dishes.

Dexeryl gd_public.gif

Dexeryl, developed by Pierre Fabre Laboratories, is used in the treatment of dry or atopy-prone skin. Find the complete Dexeryl range, an A-Z of atopic eczema, and download the PO-SCORAD application at

Nicopatch gd_public.gif
Nicopatch offers help with smoking cessation based on the use of nicotine substitutes (patches and lozenges). is for various types of smoker: smokers who have decided to quit, smokers who want to cut back and smokers who are thinking about quitting. All information on smoking cessation, the range of products, tests and the Nicostart application aim to motivate and support smokers in monitoring their cessation. 


Drill offers a wide range of lozenges and oral solutions for sore throats, coughs, colds and allergy symptoms. Advice and information on winter illnesses and allergies are available at

Pierre Fabre Oral Caregd_public.gif

Pierre Fabre Oral Care offers an extensive selection of oral hygiene products and treatments, covering all oral health requirements (from oral hygiene to medication). provides information and advice on oral hygiene.

Molluscum Contagiosum is a common skin infection that affects children and immunosuppressed patients in particular. provides information on the infection and its treatment, with games for children.

Health and beauty information

Naturellement MIEUX gd_public.gif
The Naturellement mieux (Naturally Better) platform gives users free access to expert advice on taking care of the whole family and provides readers with high-quality information, thereby enabling them to take better charge of their health and beauty on a daily basis. Site contents: tips, behind-the-scenes at Pierre Fabre Laboratories, and expert insights into health products and dermo-cosmetics


FeelCaps is an educational, adaptable and easy-to-use online platform, which will help patients to better understand the importance of regular exercise for their health. Patients will find it easier to get motivated for one or more APAs suited to their chronic pathology.

Acne sévère gd_public.gif
Comprehensive information platform, entirely created under the supervision of the "Conseil Scientifique de l’Acné Sévère", bringing together expert dermatologists to answer patient questions and help their families provide them with effective help.  
Foundation for Atopic Dermatitis gd_public.gif
The Foundation for Atopic Dermatitis is a corporate foundation that helps fund research and clinical trials on atopic dermatitis. It organizes educational activities and distributes informative materials for doctors, parents and children.
The site's space for health care professionals addresses therapeutic education for patients and presents clinical trials. The space containing patients' lists of treatments and cleansing advice directs you to "atopy houses" and provides documentation and life coaching for school children. 
Onesmile gd_public.gif

One smile is a project launched in 2015 by Avène Dermatological Laboratories to understand, anticipate and relieve skin complaints for cancer patients. provides information on treatments and provides advice sheets to prevent and relieve the various complaints encountered: photosensitivity, dry skin, etc. 

Hemangiome gd_public.gif
Infantile hemangioma is the most common benign infantile tumor in infants. enables parents to understand the disease, know what to do and decide which doctors to see. Produced with the help of dermatology professionals, the site provides information on the known causes and risk factors of the disease. The various types of hemangioma are clearly described, with supporting photos, in accordance with their clinical appearance. A reminder is given on the importance of quickly speaking to a doctor or pediatrician, who may decide to seek the opinion of a hospital expert.

Pierre Fabre Prescription Drugs and Health

Dermaweb  professionnels.gif
The leading professional site for information and discussions on dermatology, to support dermatologists, doctors and pharmacists in their daily work. Managed under the supervision of a scientific committee made up of 25 dermatology leaders, professors and dermatologists, Dermaweb offers
18 exclusive comprehensive training courses on a variety of dermatology-related subjects, 1,000 case reports with details and illustrations, 1,500 quizzes and multiple-choice questions, 76 training summary sheets, 28,000 photographs and illustrations, a public domain image library with 6,000 commented images and numerous other tools and services.

Net Sevices Pierre Fabre professionnels.gif
The aim of this site is to assist our distributors in the online sale of PFDC products. There is open access to submit an online sales approval request directly on the website. Once the endorsement has been signed, a password provides access to the catalog section, where images and descriptions of PFDC brands, ranges or products can be downloaded.
Entretiens d'Avène gd_public.gifprofessionnels.gif
Launched in 2002, "Entretiens d'Avène" is an annual event which brings together a multidisciplinary panel of experts on a specific topic. Organized by the Avène Laboratories, these interviews are intended to inform the scientific audience on new developments in dermatology through discussions with experts, in a context that encourages participants to interact freely.

Pierre Fabre Oral care servicesprofessionnels.gif makes it possible for oral health care professionals to order their products online and to receive scientific news, such as abstracts from the ADF (French Dental Association) symposium and the ELUMED scientific journal, and also professional tools, such as periodontal diagrams, prescription pads and educational tools to share with their patients.

Espace Pro Pierre Fabre professionnels.gif  offers pharmacists a range of features to manage their business on a daily basis: all orders and invoices in one secure space, order and shipping follow-up, access to all Pierre Fabre contacts, access to sales documents, consultation of online product catalogs and pricing documents.

Research and innovation

Centre de Recherche sur la Peau gd_public.gifprofessionnels.gif
The Skin Research Center is a center dedicated to research, exploration and assessment on humans in the areas of dermo-cosmetics and dermatology. Thanks to its group of volunteers, the center conducts phase II and III clinical trials for cosmetic products, prescription drugs in dermatology, medical devices and dietary supplements.
CIPF gd_public.gifprofessionnels.gif
Pierre Fabre Immunology Center (CIPF) develops research programs in biotherapies, in particular in immunotherapy for cancer. It employs around a hundred people working in collaboration with Research, Development and Production.
Cosmétique stérile gd_public.gif
To provide all sensitive skin with the extra safety it needs, Avène Dermatological Laboratories is reinventing dermo-cosmetics with the advent of sterile cosmetics, a world first, which contain no preservatives or preservative substances and only retain the active ingredients that are essential to your skin.  
Nature Open Library gd_public.gif
Nature Open Library is an Open Innovation program for sharing expertise on research, development and industrialization for plant-based active ingredients through innovative projects. In the context of this program, Pierre Fabre Laboratories is offering access to their plant sample library and to their extracts – one of the largest private collections in the world – with over 15,000 listed samples, including some rare species.
Oncopole gd_public.gif
The Oncopole site at the Toulouse campus brings together all stakeholders from the Midi-Pyrénées region involved in the fight against cancer.
It showcases the Oncopole's activities, There are 5 main sections to better understand the purpose and actions of the Oncopole: health care, research units, project lifecycle, ethics and citizenship as well as a section for companies interested in site availability at the Oncopole