Pierre Fabre Health Care

Your health is in good hands

Our mission: Revitalize the relationship between patients and healthcare professionals in order to support the access to healthcare products. The pharmacist and the physician are special partner for providing advice and necessary information regarding the proper use of products and the way in which each of us should take care of our health, in particular through information and prevention campaigns.

Our segments

We aim to provide relevant and innovative solutions in these areas by working in partnership with all the parties involved (doctors, pharmacists, caregivers and patients).


All health professionals, particularly doctors, pharmacists and podiatrists, participate in our research and benefit from regular information updates on our products. The pharmacist is our privileged partner in providing indispensable advice and information on the correct use of our products and taking charge of one's own health, particularly through information and prevention campaigns.

Ethically, we have no desire to see patients fend for themselves in health matters without receiving supportive care and attention from a health professional. This is why we give top priority to creating close, personalized and coordinated relationships with health professionals.

Our commitments

Towards the health professional

via awareness and disease treatment training sessions.

Smoking cessation:

  • 450 pharmacy training sessions per month on smoking cessation
  • Creation of the IPFT (Pierre Fabre Institute of Tobacco Science)


  • 2000 pharmacists trained every year in PTE(atopic Patient Treatment Education)
  • 9256 healthcare professionals informed during the PTE days

Towards the patients

Since Pierre Fabre HealthCare is the committed partnerof 4 patient associations:

  • AFLAR (French anti-rheumatism association)
  • AIF (French Ichthyosis Association)
  • ASF (French Association of Scleroderma Patients)

We are improving our knowledge of diseases by conducting phase IV studies in collaboration with healthcare professionals in the fields of osteoarthritis, ENT, immunity, tobacco science,…