Pierre Fabre Oral Care

Leader in oral care in pharmacy

A European pharmaceuticals leader, Pierre Fabre Oral Care is present on every continent, in over 60 countries worldwide.

It is the leading pharmaceuticals laboratory in France (IMS: OTC cosmetic oral market (excluding Réseau Santé Social (RSS) and ethical), sold at pharmacies in volume (CMA april 2015))



sourire_pfoc.jpgA broad portfolio of oral care and hygiene products, covering all oral needs (from hygiene to medication).

Our know-how combines the pharmaceutical rigor of our medical activity with the galenic expertise of our dermo-cosmetic activities. We market a complete line of oral hygiene and oral care products.

  • Mouth washes: Eludril Gé, EludrilPerio, Eludril Pro, Elgydium Enamel Protection, Arthrodont Gingival Solution
  • Plaque treatment: Elgydium toothpaste, INAVA and ELGYDIUM toothbrushes, INAVA interdental brushes, INAVA dental floss
  • Whitening: Elgydium daily whitening toothpaste, ELGYDIUM Brightening & Care toothpaste therapy
  • Sensitive teeth: Elgydium gel toothpaste for sensitive teeth, Sensigel
  • Cavity protection: Elgydium Cavity Protection toothpaste line, suitable for all ages
  • Halitosis: Alibi line (tablets, spray, tongue scraper)
  • Gum care: Arthrodont, gingival paste, Arthrodont Protect toothpaste, Parodium gingival gel
  • Minor mouth ailments (ulcers, sores): Pansoral, Aphtoral, Lyso6 gel lines
  • Pain relief: Flanid



The only independent global pharmaceutical laboratory operating in the oral care field, Pierre Fabre Oral Care is also a key player in public health, participating in information and prevention campaigns for health care professionals and the general public.

  • We assist dental surgeons and prescribing dentists in treating and improving a variety of oral pathologies.
  • We support and offer dispensing pharmacists the opportunity to advise their customers and provide original and effective concepts, lines and products.
  • We teach and inform the general public about good oral hygiene and the need for regular dental checkups.

Toothpastes, gels and mouthwashes are made in France, the accessories line is made in Europe.sante-bucco-dentaire.jpg

Our commitment to prevention is reflected in a variety of activities:

  • We dispense medical and scientific information, along with observational clinical studies, that provide dental surgeons factual information when making their therapeutic choices
  • We establish partnerships with learned societies in dental care (SFPIO, IFRO, CNEP, etc.)
  • We train pharmacists and pharmacy staff

Research at the service of oral hygiene


Pierre Fabre Oral Care's aim is to provide health care professionals and patients with innovative products, in terms of their therapeutic contribution, and to provide patients with comprehensive care.

At the interface between drug-related professions and dermo-cosmetics, Pierre Fabre Oral Care benefits both from the Group's pharmaceutical expertise and its galenic know-how.

A dedicated research and development team works to:

  • Develop expertise specific to oral care, thanks to cellular and tissue tools for 2D culture and 3D tissue reconstruction
  • Evaluate the efficacy or the potential of active ingredients and finished products