Skin cancer prevention

The Avène Thermal Spring Water brand is involved in several initiatives around the world:

  • prevention_solaire.jpgSponsoring the Day of Protection and Screening against Skin Cancer in France, Spain and Mexico
  • Partnering with the European Skin Cancer Foundation, which works to increase knowledge about skin cancer and support research projects in this therapeutic field
  • Creating websites in Italy and Spain on sun protection: and
  • Producing a copyright-free documentary in Spain on the importance of sun protection in preventing skin cancer called la Memoria a flor del piel” available on YouTube
  • Raising awareness on sun protection among children, using edutainment materials, primarily in Turkey

Smoking cessation

Pierre Fabre Health supports and develops a number of initiatives in this field, particularly in France and Portugal:

  • kit_nicostart.jpgParticipating in World No Tobacco Day
  • Developing the Nicostart website to help track smoking cessation
  • Supporting the Tabac et Liberté (Tobacco and Freedom) Association that works to provide information and education for doctors on preventing and ending patient tobacco use
  • Organizing conferences to promote interdisciplinary exchanges between various health professions and public awareness groups working in the area of "Smoking addiction in women"
  • Guiding and tracking employees who choose to quit smoking.

Prevention and oral hygiene products


 Pierre Fabre Oral Care designs a variety of tools and events in many countries:

  • Creating the Oral Care Coach and Oral Care Kids smartphone apps in Switzerland
  • Providing educational materials in schools, mainly in France, Bulgaria and Greece
  • Developing theatrical plays in schools in Portugal and Bulgaria to raise awareness on the importance of good oral hygiene