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René Furterer offers an exceptional care ritual, a unique, made-to-measure experience for beautiful hair.

Based on 100% natural essential oils and plant extracts that have been carefully selected for their specific virtues, René Furterer products offer hair care that is fast, visible and lasting.




Healthy hair grows from a healthy scalp, like a plant in fertile soil.

René Furterer 1957

The René Furterer brand was launched in the 1950s.

With his passion for nature, René Furterer embraced the properties of plants and essential oils from childhood. A pioneer in this subject, he was the first to imagine the idea of a hair spa in 1957. This new form of personalized care, based on essential oils that acted on both the scalp and the hair, was an immediate success.

Today, combined with the scientific rigor of the Pierre Fabre laboratories, worldwide specialists in phyto-cosmetology, René Furterer designs innovative products from the heart of the plant world, based on the careful selection of exclusive natural active substances.

René Furterer, exceptional care ritual


René Furterer offers a unique method organized around care rituals and scalp massage, involving three stages (prepare/wash/specific care) using natural active substances that are present in exceptional forms of care products.

  • COMPLEXE 5: Cultivates the hair’s strength
  • CURBICIA: Restores the equilibrium of a purified scalp
  • CARTHAME: Softens dry hair
  • KARITÉ: Offers the infinite richness of shea butter for the driest hair
  • KARINGAWork wonders with frizzy hair, curled and uncurled
  • ABSOLUE KERATINE : Reveal the original beauty of extremely damaged, brittle hair
  • TRIPHASIC VHT : Reactivates hair growth
  • ASTERA SENSITIVE: Protect sensitive scalps
  • ASTERA FRESH: Soothes immediatly sensitive and irritated scalps
  • 5 SENS ENHANCING DRY OIL : Indulge your senses with luxurious oils to enhance your hair and skin
  • OKARA Protect Color: Protects and enhances the radiance of colored hair
  • OKARA Active Light: Enhances faded highlights
  • MELALEUCA: Promotes the removal of skin particles and cleanses the scalp thanks to Melaleuca essential oil
  • TONUCIA: Strengthens hair that is being lost from the root
  • VOLUMEA: Increases volume from the root to the tip of the hair
  • ACANTHE: Provides voluptuous curls
  • LISSEA: Straightens and enhances unruly hair
  • NATURIA: Gives the hair a plant bath
  • SUN CARE: Provides excellent protection for the hair
  • VITALFAN: Maintains the health and beauty of the hair, nails and skin
  • STYLING: Styles and enhances the hair


An ethical commitment

Prioritizing Fair Trade, Supportive and Accountable Sourcing

René Furterer is committed to supporting three accountable supply chains among local producers, and works in long-term partnership to assist them in their social and environmental development projects.

Guaranteeing the preservation of plant resources

At the heart of René Furterer's Fair Trade, Supportive and Accountable Sourcing (SHEA, ARGAN and MORINGA), plant resources are preserved and the plant's original ecosystems are respected. The plants are harvested in their countries of origin: Burkina Faso, Morocco and Madagascar respectively. The statutes of the cooperatives also include actions to raise awareness among the women performing the harvests about protecting biodiversity.

René Furterer's guarantee includes complete traceability in the harvest zone and adherence to production procedures that comply with our pharmaceutical culture. Finally, these partnerships help René Furterer to establish long-term relationships.


Providing customized care , it is first to offer a complete personalized diagnosis of your true capillary state . 

In licensed outlets , René Furterer assesses the health and real needs of your hair and your scalp.
Using the Capilliscope , a thorough review will reveal how personalized ritual apply to take care of your hair.

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As well as expertise in beauty products for hair, René Furterer's artistic talent shines through high-end styling shows in France and around the world, and through its elegant styling collections, which are renewed every season. Every year René Furterer's design team forms a partnership with a hairstylist to interpret the trend of the season, always with the greatest respect for hair, its nature and composition.