Responsible purchasing

10 key principles

Pierre Fabre Laboratories’ purchasing policy revolves around 10 key principles:

  • respecting financial fairness toward suppliers,
  • promoting cooperation with strategic suppliers,
  • reducing the risk of mutual dependence,
  • appreciating the overall cost of the purchase (cost + service + transport),
  • integrating environmental aspects,
  • taking into account the specifics of each supply channel,
  • ensuring territorial responsibility, 
  • adopting standardized purchasing procedures,
  • managing supplier engagement,
  • ensuring a coherent remuneration policy for buyers.

Purchasing Charter

Ethics and responsibility

The Purchasing Charter adopted by the company defines the ethical rules that guide the work of our buyers and govern relations with suppliers. Beyond the optimization of economic performance, the Charter also emphasizes key values relating to managing relations with suppliers:

  • fairness,
  • mutual respect,
  • objective selection criteria,
  • continuity of relations,
  • application of the Law on the Modernization of the Economy,
  • respecting confidentiality,
  • searching for a better price/quality compromise,
  • particular attention for local suppliers and those concerned about sustainable development.

Read our Purchasing Charter

Read general terms and conditions of puchase - GCP

The “10 Commitments for Responsible Purchasing” Charter

Since January 2011, we have adhered to the credit mediation charter of the CDAF, the association of French buyers. Known as the “10 Commitments for Responsible Purchasing”, this charter consolidates the good practices governing relations between large customers and small and medium-sized businesses (SME). This adherence underlines our commitment to developing sustainable and fair partnerships with our suppliers, including local and national firms that represent 75% of our purchasing budget.