Safety and quality

Patient safety


The use of any medication comes with both benefits and risks. Due to our status as a healthcare company, in compliance with the law we have set up dedicated bodies to oversee the safety of patients while using our products. This pharmacovigilance organization pursues three missions:

  • detect and monitor the risks associated with using our products,
  • issue recommendations on guaranteeing the highest levels of safety when using our products,
  • determine and implement actions to reduce risks and prevent adverse effects.

Cosmetovigilance, materiovigilance and nutrivigilance

We apply the same priority of ensuring the safety of patients and consumers to our dermo-cosmetic products, medical devices and dietary supplements. An organization which is similar to the one set up for medications is therefore also in place for these products.



 It goes without saying that guaranteeing patient safety begins with the quality of our products. We also adhere to the main European and international guidelines on quality and processes, specifically Good Laboratory Practices, Good Clinical Practices, Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Distribution Practices. We apply the same quality, testing and vigilance standards when developing and manufacturing our dermo-cosmetics, medical devices and dietary supplements as we do for medications, while following the requirements in standards applicable to each segment.