Social policy

Helping the company to grow

Our employees in 45 different countries take our values into the field and develop our activity on a daily basis. Recruiting, developing, training, providing a healthy work/life balance, winning loyalty: the human resources department assists with the growth of the company and its employees in their challenges in the present and the future.

Health and safety at work

The company’s mission to provide safe and effective solutions in the field of health and dermo-cosmetics means that it places safety at the heart of its concerns. It is entirely logical that the company is therefore committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment by preventing accidents at work, as well as professional wounds and diseases.

Social forums


Since 2006, our company has organized social forums for employees about housing, private health coverage and retirement. More than 10 social forums were organized between 2006 and 2012, and nearly 4,500 employees attended.

Employee savings programs

Since the establishment in 1969 of a profit-sharing scheme, we have greatly enriched our employee savings system. In 1987, our company took the initiative to set up a collective profit-sharing mechanism. In the spirit of these two programs, the Company Savings Plan was set up in 1988. By launching an employee shareholding plan, the year 2005 marked the completion of an approach that associated employees with the results of the company. The time-savings account and collective retirement fund are other aspects of this. They involve share purchase plans and provide employees with the possibility to achieve short-term projects, mid-term savings and long-term plans, especially for retirement.

Skills development and internal mobility


The development of skills and internal mobility are priority axes of our human resources policy. Procedures and tools have therefore been created to identify and evaluate skills, to provide employees and managers with visibility regarding possible career progression, and to accompany professional mobility. It relies on a training policy led mainly by the schools of the Pierre Fabre University.

Workers with disabilities


Since 1989, we have considerably invested in the integration and hiring of workers with disabilities. We continue and consolidate our policy by implementing a Handi’Cap agreement every three years, which is negotiated and signed by our social partners. The number of workers with disabilities is constantly rising (more than 6%) and puts us above the national average (2.8%), and far above the average for the pharmaceutical industry (2.4%).

Pierre Fabre Group gender equality index for men and women in the workplace

On March 1, 2019, all companies with more than 1,000 employees were required to publish an index concerning gender equality in the workplace.

This index is based on five indicators measured using a points system defined by decree:

  • Difference in remuneration between men and women,
  • Difference in percentage of individual pay raises between men and women,
  • Difference in percentage of promotions between men and women,
  • Proportion of women returning to work after maternity leave who were awarded a pay raise (if other pay raises were awarded within the company during the period of maternity leave),
  • Number of women among the top ten employees who received the highest remuneration

Pierre Fabre’s score for the reference period from 01/01/2018 to 12/31/2018 is 90 points / 100 points

Senior Employees


An agreement was signed in 2009 regarding the employment of older people. This agreement, which goes beyond legal obligations, lasts three years. It was reviewed at the end of 2012. The main objective of this agreement is that, after 3 years, the proportion of employees aged over 55 years will have increased by 5%.


Tomorrow’s employees


Since our interns are tomorrow’s employees, we pay particular attention to selecting and integrating them.

We welcome over 300 interns every year.

Apprenticeships and alternating training

For many jobs, particularly in the area of industry/logistics and marketing, the company makes alternating training and apprenticeships a privileged means of recruitment. We welcome over 100 apprentices every year.