Supercritical Fluids Development Center



With the most recent equipment in the field, our Supercritical Fluids Development Center is the only pharmaceutical establishment that offers pharmaceutical pre-formulation solutions based on the use of supercritical CO2.

Supercritical fluids technology means respecting the principles of green chemistry (absence of solvents, mild operating conditions). The procedures are a real opportunity to increase the bioavailability or solubility of active substances that are not very soluble, or to mask the taste of molecules that have a bitter taste.

Three patented procedures have been developed:

  • Formulcoat: a continuous coating procedure for active substances that uses no solvent (taste masker)
  • Formulplex: a cyclodextrin complexation procedure in a supercritical medium (improvement of solubility and/or bioavailability of an active substance)
  • Formuldisp: a stable solid dispersion procedure (increase in the dissolution rate of an active substance)

In recognition of its work, the Supercritical Fluids Development Center was awarded the silver Innovation Trophy at CPhI Worldwide 2008 and the Prix Potier (a prize for innovation in chemistry that favors sustainable development) in 2009.