Sustainable development

Social concerns at the heart of our business model

Majority-owned by a foundation recognized as being of public interest, the Group's shareholder format gives us the independence needed to chart a long-term course for our activities and foster responsible growth. That means our development model revolves around the CSR concerns, which stay true to our founder's humanitarian and people-oriented values. Since 2012, our CSR program has been evaluated by the independent agency AFNOR Certification in compliance with the international ISO 26000 standard.



First pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic laboratory to have been evaluated under the AFAQ 26000 model

Since 2012, Pierre Fabre Laboratories underwent a CSR audit using the AFAQ (French quality assurance organization) 26000 model. AFAQ 26000 is an evaluation procedure developed by AFNOR Certification that allows organizations to measure their level of maturity in terms of societal responsibility. It is based on the ISO 26000 standard, the first and only international CSR standard.

In 2012 our company is the first pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetics group to be evaluated with the standard's protocol. In 2015, after the second assessment, the company goes from level "Confirmed", 3rd level, at the "Exemplary" level, the fourth and final level. Our contribution to address sustainable development issues were therefore recognized by an independent organization.

Governance and Ethics


We achieve our daily mission of "taking care of humankind in its totality and diversity" thanks to our company's ownership by a recognized public interest foundation and the values handed down by our founder, which include pharmaceutical ethics that we strive to make the focus of our actions.

Innovation and Health/Beauty


In line with our mission, we create and develop innovative solutions that contribute to the well-being of patients and consumers, from health to beauty. We achieve this with the help of healthcare professionals, our trusted partners throughout the world. Our common goal is a major global challenge to promote access to healthcare and proactively address health issues. We also support solidarity oriented projects that focus on the same concerns.

Knowledge and Conservation of Nature


Nature is a source of inspiration, innovation and knowledge. Our business activities are built around its richness. Today, nearly 70% of the company's turnover comes from the marketing of products whose active ingredient is found in nature. Therefore, whether it is by developing natural active ingredients or using processes derived from plant chemistry, respect for natural resources is deeply rooted in our values.

Eco-design and Industrial Footprint


Throughout the life-cycle of our products, from sourcing raw materials and marketing them to manufacturing and using them, we make sure that our actions are founded on respect for our suppliers and the reduction of our environmental impact.

People and territories


We are constantly listening to our employees, our business partners and local communities in our regions of implantation and we make this dialogue part of a process of co-building and co-responsibility. Employees and partners contribute to our influence and performance. In return, we help with the professional development of our employees and, as far as we can, contribute to the economic, social and cultural dynamism of the regions where we are located.